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8 days tour. Along the traces of Piirs (spiritual leaders) of Islam

8 days tour.  Along the traces of  Piirs (spiritual leaders) of Islam Hojagon - Naqshbandiya, Kubraviya, Chishtiya, Yassaviya, Kodiriya tariqats (orders) are well - known all over the world. The word tariqat can be defined as a right, true way. On Turan or Turkestan land between two rivers - Sirdarya and Amudarya, which is now roughly the territory of modern Uzbekistan, there lived a great number of people who contributed greatly to the development of human civilization and left their good names in the history of the whole humankind. Ibn Sino ( Avicenna), Al Khorazmi (Algoritm), Imam Al Bukhari, Bakhovutdin Naqshbandi, Amir Temur, Akhmad Yassaviy…and a great number of others. Most of the sufi orders (tariqats) of Islam originated on this land. Just to mention the followings: Kodiriya, Hojagon - Naqshbandiya, Kubraviya, Yassaviya ….
The founder of Yassaviya tariqat Ahmad Yassaviy(died in1166), the founder of Kubraviya Order Sheyh Najmiddin Kubro (1145 - 1221), the founder of Naqshbandiya order Hazret Bahovuddin Naqshband (1318 - 1389)….. They all were native to this land.

During your trip to this holy land You will visit the ancient cities on the Great Silk Road - Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva and have the opportunity to see the holy sights of famous Saints.

Tour Summary:

Cities: Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent.

Duration: 8days/7 nights.
Day 1: Tashkent.
Arrival to Tashkent, transfer to the hotel and hotel check - i n. Sightseeing tour in Tashket, visit center of Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, Old City part of Tashkent with Khast - Imom Complex, where You will see Barakhan madrasa, the mausoleum of Abubakr Kaffal Shoshiy (the saint who lived in the X th century and who converted the population of Tashkent into Islam), the Museum of Koran where the original VIIth century Uthman Koran written on a deer skin is preserved. Lunch in a cafГ© where special halol meals are served.
After lunch You will visit Tashkent Islam university, the mausoleum of Sheikh Hovandi Takhur ( Sheihantahur), Kaldirgachbiya mausoleum, Kukeldash madrese. Later You will visit Chor - Su bazaar, one of the main bazaars of Tashkent. Dinner in a guesthouse where special halol meals are served.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2: Tashkent - Khiva.
After early breakfast in the morning transfer to the airport and flight to Urgench (1h. 20minutes). From Urgench drive to Khiva (30 km).Hotel check - in. Morning guided sightseeing of Khiva. You will spend a day in UNESCO World Heritage site - Ichan -Qala fortress. In Ichan - Qala fortress You will visit Kunya - Ark, Sayeed Alauddin mausoleum, medrese Arab - Mukhamadkhan, mosque Oq -Masjid, medrese Hodjamberdi - biya. Lunch in a local private house with halol food. In the afternoon You will continue the sightseeing by visiting medresses of Shirgazikhan, Abdullakhan, Juma mosque, medrese Allakulikhan, Toshkhovli palace, Pakhlavan Makhmud mausoleum ( he was a sufi writer and wrestler.His verses are full of sufi philosohy), minaret Islom - khodja. Dinner in the restaurant with a local folklore show. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 3: Khiva - Bukhara.
In the morning depart Khiva and drive to Bukhara along the ancient Great Silk Road through the Kyzylkum desret (500 km, 7 hours). En route You will stop to see the Amu - Darya river. (Lunch box or late lunch in Bukhara) Arrival to holy Bukhara,the land of 7000 piirs (teachers), in the afternoon.
Short sightseeing of Bukhara visiting Kalon ensemble, medrese Miri - Arab, Magoki - Attori mosque, medrese Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, trade domes, Lyabi Hauz complex, medrese Chor - Minor.
Dinner in a local guesthouse with halal food. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 4: Bukhara.
This morning You will go to the outskirts of Bukhara to visit the holy tombs of seven Sufic masters or Piirs. First You will go to the tomb of Abduholiq Gijduvaniy (1103 -1179 (in some sources 1220) located in the town of Gidzduvan.
Abduholiq Gijduvaniy was the spiritual master of Hazret Bahovuddin Naqshband. He was well - known all over the Islamic world as Hodjai Jahon ( Hodja of the World). He was the founder of Khodjakhon Order which later became a spiritual base for Naqshbandiya Order founded by Hazret Bahovuddin Naqshband.
The second burial sight is the tomb of the fourth apprentice of Abduholiq Gijduvaniy Hodja Muhkammad Orif Ar Revgariy known as hathrat Hodja Orif Mohitobon (died in 1259).This holy sight is located in the district of Shofirkon 50-60 kilometers from the centre of Bukhara.
The third place is the burial site of Hodja Mahmud Anjir Fagnaviy (died in1286).
He was the the apprentice of Hodja Muhkammad Orif Ar Revgariy. As the sources say, this Saint had the ability to turn into a big bird and could fly to any destination in no time.
Lunch in a private house with halal food.
The fourth place is the mausoleum of Hodja Ali Rometaniy located in Rometan district. He was the apprentice of Hodja Mahmud Anjir Fagnaviy (died in 1310 in some sources in 1321).
He was a spinner. Once in his dream he was ordered to go to Khoresm to convert the local population into Islam.He died in Kuhna Urgench,which is in the territory of Turkmenistan and his tomb is there now.
The fifth place is the holy burial sight of Hodja Mukhammad Boboyi Samosiy (1259 - 1354), an apprentice of Hodja Ali Rometaniy.
This Saint was a peasant. As the legend says, once while crossing the place called Qasri Hinduvon he said : “ the soil of this place smells like a saint will be born here and this plce will be named Qasri Orifon”. Thus, he predicted the birth of Bahovuddin Naqhbandiy. His tomb is located in Rometan district.
The sixth holy place is the tomb of Hazreti Said Mir Kulol (1287 - 1370).
He was known as Amir the Potter because of his trade.He was also a good wrestler. His spiritual master was Hodja Mukhammad Boboyi Samosiy. His tomb is located in Sukhor village close to Bukhara. Return to Bukhara.
Dinner in the cafГ© near Poi Kalon ensemble with halal food.. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 5: Bukhara.
Today You will visit the seventh holy sight, the holiest ensemble Bukhara, the burial place of Hazreti Bahovuddin Naqshband - the founder of Naqshbandiya Order, located in the village of Qasri Orifon 7 kilometers from Bukhara city.
His real name was Mukhammad Ibn Mukhammad Jaloliddin. He was famous as Hodjai Buzrug ( the great Hodja), Bahauddin ( Decoration of Religion). He was born in 1318 into the family of metalworkers from where he took the name Naqshband (Engraver of Metals). His spiritual master was Hazreti Said Mir Kulol, but he came under early influence of Abduholiq Gijduvaniy, from whose spirit he got Uvaisiy knowledge. He encouraged his pupils to learn a trade. His saying: “ Dil ba yoru, dast ba kor ( let Your soul be with God and Your hands with work) is famous.
Besides the grave of Bahovuddin Naqshband, there You will see two mosques, a khanaka, a museum devoted to the history of sufism.
Then You will continue the sightseeing of Bukhara. You will visit the summer palace of Bukhara emirs Sitorai -Mokhi - Khosa, the place where you will see the summer residence of the last emir of Bukhara and enjoy the beauty of peacocks and their noises in the shade of trees. Besides it, You will visit the museum of traditional clothes and the museum of embroidery.
Later You will visit Chor - Bakr necropolis, a complex located 6 kilometres away from Bukhara city in Sumiton village. Because of four Saints who lived here in the Xth and XI centuries this sight took this name.The complex consists of a khanaka, a mosque and burial sights.
Lunch in the cafГ© close to this sight with halal food.
After lunch return to Bukhara to visit Samani dynasty mausoleum (IX - X CC), Chashma - Ayub (XII - XVI CC), Bolohaus mosque (XVII CC), Ark Fortress, (I - XX CC). Free time. Dinner in Nodir Devonbegi medrese with a folklore show.
Overnight in the hotel.

Day 6: Bukhara - Khartang - Samarkand (290 km ).
This morning after breakfast You will transfer to Samarkand . En route You will visit the memorial complex of Abu Abdulloh Muklhammad Ibn Ibrohim Ibn al Mugiyra Ibn Bardazbeh al Juafiy Al -Bukhari, the mostly respected Saint in the Islamic world.
He compiled more than 7275 true hadiths and wrote the book “ Al - Jomii As Sahih” which is considered second only to Koran.
On his way from Bukhara to Samarkand he died in this village at the age of 60 and was buried here. In this complex You will see a huge mausoleum on his grave, a mosque, a medrese and a museum.
After that You will visit one more holy place which is a few kilometers from this complex, the burial place of Hazret Makhdumi A'zam Dahbediy (1461 - 1542), a sufi philosopher, a descendent of Hazret Ali r.a.
Arrive in Samarkand and hotel check - in.
Lunch with halal food. Free time. Dinner in a cafГ©. Night in Samarkand.

Day 7: Samarkand.
Breakfast in the hotel. Full day in Samarkand.
AM sightseeing tour in Samarkand for 4 hours: Ulug Beg's Observatory (XVc),Tombstone of Saint Daniyar, Excavation site of an ancient city Afrasiyab and the Afrosiyab Museum, Hodja Hizr mosque, Shahi Zinda necropolis. Lunch in a local guesthouse with halal food.
PM sightseeing tour for 3 hours visiting the magnificent Registan Square (XV - XVII cc), the noblest square in Central Asia, the beautifully decorated Bibi Khanym mosque and Samarkand local bazaar. You will finish Your sightseeing by visiting The Gur Amir mausoleum, the graveyard of Amir Temur and Timurids.
Dinner in a local restaurant with halal food. Night in Samarkand.

Day 8: Samarkand - Tashkent
In the morning after breakfast depart Samarkand and drive to Tashkent (4 and a half hours).
Arrival to Tashkent, check - in to the hotel. Free time. End of the tour.

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