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2 days. Сhatkal - Chimgan

2 days. Сhatkal - Chimgan

The Chimgan village was settled 400-500 years ago in the mountain massive of dominant the Greater Chimgan peak (3,309 m), at an altitude of 1,620 m.  Some experts see Chinese words in the name "Chimgan" but others translate it as "sod" or "pasture abundant in water, green valley". For generations of those, who live in Tashkent province, the Greater Chimgan is the place of romantic gravitation. Greater Chimgan (3,309m) is known to mountaineers since the beginning of the 20 century.  For those who want to experience of rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering Chimgan Highlands caters many opportunities. Chimgan Highlands have been a host for many other outdoor activities such as hang gliding, skiing, snowboarding and horseback riding.

For many years the Greater Chimgan was the first challenge for thousands beginners of Soviet mountaineering. A great number of routes of several levels of complexity (from 1B to 4B inclusively) allows a wide spectrum of mountaineering. Beginners at climbing usually take on the uncomplicated western ridge of the Greater Chimgan Mountain (1B), while there are plenty of more complicated routes for experienced climbers.

Day 1.

Early in the morning we drive North-East out of Tashkent to Chatkal national park (120 km) where splendid white mountain tops - the Western flanks of the Tien-Shan, await us glittering under the blue skies. the national park is about 570 square kilometres of mountain steppes, mountain forests, alpine meadows, river valleys and floodplain forests. The state nature reserve was established here in 1947, and it was designated a Unesco bioshere reserve in 1978.

After hotel check-in in a Chatkal resort and light brunch we start our 7 kilometer horse ride trip or trekking saying goodbye to our driver and leaving our attributes of civilization.

We ride along the stream up to the Paltau waterfall (36m) then acsend 500 meters more to reach a picturesque site.

The last destination after 2 - 2,5 hours of quite pleasant walking and horse riding will be a small birch grove, where we will stop for the rest and lunch where picnic with delicious shish kebab will be organised.

After lunch we will return to the resort. On the way we will stop to view the Obi-Rakhmat grotto-cave, where, as locals believe, prehistoric people found their shelter.

Dinner in the resort. Overnight in the hotel.

Day 2: Chatkal - Charvak - Chimgan - Beldersay - Tashkent.

After breakfast We will drive back along Charvak reservoir shores and you will have opportunity to see it in all its beauty. From Charvak reservoiur we drive to Chimgan to observe 3000 meter high big Chimgan and take cable chairs or try horse ride there.

Later We drive to picturesque ski resort of Beldersay tract to enjoy its view and reach the top by 2,5 kilometer cable chair line. Lunch at Beldersay hotel restaurant. After lunch return to Tashkent along the canyon of Chimgansay. Overnight in Tashkent.

Trip price :$ 350 per person for groups min. 6 people.

The price includes:
Accommodation at Chatkal mountains hotel-resort
Guide service
Horseback trip
Lunches (2) and Dinner
Cable chair ride at Beldersay
Picnic in the birch grove
Transfer Tashkent-Chatkal Mountains resort-Tashkent

The price doesn't include:
Accommodation in Tashkent
International air tickets
Tips and gratuities
Any personal expenses
Any services not included in the above itinerary

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