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The Uzbek weddings

The Uzbek weddings.

There are many kinds of weddings in Uzbek families: Beshik toyi (the ceremony of putting a newly - born baby into a cradle), O’g’l toyi (the circumcision ceremony), Muchal toyi (celebrated when a child is 12 years old) and others. But the main ceremony is Nikokh - the birth of a new family.
Nikokh means marriage in Uzbek. The birth of a new family precedes several rites. Sovchi (match - makers) take part in the match - making ceremony. Two or three women headed by the main sovchi visit the girl’s house. The girl’s parents accept the dastarkhan filled with gifts and the food that the sovchi have brought. During their next visit the girl’s parents add a bundle with circular loaves among which lies a broken patyr (larger round bread), which means that the girl’s parents have given their consent to the marriage. This rite is called non sindirish (breaking the bread).
Fotikha - toi is a very important stage during which the future is secured with praying (fotikha). Then Kiz - oshi (girl’s meal) and kuyov - nakhori (groom’s breakfast) follow. And at last comes nikokh toi.
The groom together with his djura (friends) comes for the bride. At the threshold a poyandoz (white cloth) is spread under his feet. The groom goes to the bride. He is strewn with coins and candies. The bride remains sitting behind the chimildyk (the traditional curtain), and the women hold her for ransom. After this the bek - khalfa (the woman who reads divine texts) evicts any evil spirits from the area with the help of a mirror and smoke from burnt grass called isyrik. Then the newly weds are brought a piala (bowl) of sweet tea or juice and they finish the drink sip by sip one after the other. This symbolizes a wish for a sweet life in the future.

Beshik to’yi.

Beshik is a narrow and tight traditional eastern cradle. Inside beshik the special aperture is made where the pot is placed to which from the child the special tube is brought. This device replaces to the baby a toilet; as a result it remains dry. According to many parents, beshik is ideal bed for the child. Legs of the beshik, arranged like of a rocking - chair, allow mother to calm the child quickly. Rhythmical rocking here and there allows to lull him quickly and again to leave lying in a cradle. Beshik to’yi is a ritual festival connected with the first laying of the baby in a cradle. It is one of the most ancient and widespread ceremonies in Uzbekistan. Usually such a ceremony is held on the 7th, 9th, 11th day from the date of the birth of the baby. Parvarda (small caramel) or sugar is strewn into beshik "for good luck and sweet life". The cradle and accessories necessary for the baby are given by relatives of the baby’s mother. Flat cakes, sweets and toys are wrapped in dastarkhan (table cloth). Gifts for the parents of the baby, its grandmothers and grandfathers are prepared. Richly decorated beshik, dastarkhan, gifts are loaded in a vehicle and together with the guest - visitors under sounds of the surnai, karnai and tambourine they go to the house of parents.