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Muynak, an Uzbek town, has become a symbol of the Aral Sea’s tragedy. 30 years ago Myinak was a prosperous port - town. Local people were proud with wonderful beaches and plenty of fish in the Sea. Once a bustling fishing community and Uzbekistan's only port city with tens of thousands of residents, Moynaq is now a shadow of its former self, dozens of miles from the rapidly receding shoreline of the Aral Sea. Fishing had always been part of the economy of the region, and Moynaq became a center of industrial fishing and canning. However, overfishing the shallow sea in the past made it very susceptible to economic collapse as the Aral Sea has dried up. Today Myinak is located more than 100 km far from the Aral Sea. Now it is the unique tourist object. Perhaps the old harbor of Myinak (nowadays called "the graveyard of ships") makes the grimmest impressions on visitors: rusty ships are standing in the sand with the flocks of goats roaming among them. One can see dead sea beached boats, walk around fantastic ‘moon‘ landscape of west bank and along Usturt plateau that is flanking the sea shore. Also it is possible to have adventure trip on boat by the sea that is near to disappear, to see fascinating sunsets and sunrises. Our company can organize two day tours to this site to witness all the tragedy of the Aral Sea.