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Termez is the center of the southern province of Uzbekistan Surkhandarya. It is one of the ancient towns of Uzbekistan located on the bank of the Amudarya (Oxus), on the borderline of Uzbekistan with Afganistan. A modern bridge, built on the river, a few kilometers from the city center, connects the city with Mazar - I - Sharif, a city in northern Afganistan. For more than 2000 years the city played the role of the most important trading and military post, political and cultural centre on the southern borders of Central Asia. There are three different sites of the city. Old Termez, situated on the river bank, seven kilometers north of modern Termez, dates back to the period of Seleucids, Greek - Bactrian kings. As a result of archeological excavations districts of handcrafts, rich mansions, squares, and Buddhist temples were found. In the ruins of the pre - mongol city, the mausoleum of Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Ali Termezi, called Khakimi at - Termezi can be found. The mausoleum was built towards the end of the ninth century. Khakimi at - Termezi - a very famous theologian, founder of the “ Khakimi” order and spiritual patron of the town is well respected in the Muslim world. At the end of the 14th century a large tombstone was built above the grave of Khakimi at - Termezi with an inscription consisting of biographical information about Khakimi at - Termezi and the date of his death. Next to the mausoleum is a small mosque. Other monuments are the Zul - Kifla complex, The Kyrk - Kyz castle ruins and The Sultan -Saodat complex.